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5 Reasons To Open Up Life In Your Loft



At a time when the housing market is a victim of the uncertain times in which we live there has been a dramatic increase in people pursuing the home of their dreams by staying where they are. 

This trend is underlined by a 114% increase in applications for loft conversions across the UK in the last 5 years.

For most people, it is a pragmatic option generated by a growing family or the need to work from home.  For others it is inspired by the desire to create a different canvas for their interior design ideas.

5 of the most common reasons why loft conversions have become so prevalent are:  


The best type of light is top light.  A small window in the roof can admit the same quality of light as a set of patio doors.  You can flood a loft extension with daylight and multiply the sense of space compared to other rooms in the house. 

Additionally, brain science and wellbeing studies offer compelling evidence in the case for increasing the amount of natural light we are exposed to. The case is clear, getting more sunlight simply makes us feel better.

Permitted Development Rights

Many extensions do not need planning permission as they fall within the category Permitted Development Rights. These include straightforward dormer conversions and hip-to-gable loft conversions (where the side wall is built up to the same height as the existing ridge line). 

See common Loft Conversion types

To fall under Permitted Development rights, repurposed attic space must not exceed 40 cubic metres for terraced houses or 50 cubic metres for detached and semi-detached houses.

Increase in Property Value

Based on average house prices, Nationwide Building Society calculated that:

An extra bathroom could add 4.9% or £9,600 on to the value of a home in the UK, while increasing the floor area by 10% could add another £10,000, or 5.1%, on to its worth.

A home extension or loft conversion could increase a property’s worth by about 22%, or £42,700. Meanwhile, adding a decent-sized extra bedroom has the potential to boost the value of a home by 11%, or £22,100.

Balance the Rooms in Your House

If you have all the living space you need downstairs but are lacking bedrooms and bathrooms, then a loft conversion can be the perfect way to bring your home into proportion.

Most loft conversions are used for an extra bedroom or two with an en suite bathroom. Other popular uses include a play room, teenage den, cinema room or home office.

Your home may have views that you do not currently see.  Take advantage of them by moving your lounge to the top of the house.

Eco Optimise Your Roof Space

If your loft is currently full of fibreglass lagging, it is unlikely to be as energy efficient as it could be.  Investing in a loft conversion will certainly improve your insulation.

Using timber instead of brick or concrete for your loft conversion walls is definitely more environmentally sustainable as it makes a fantastic insulation material and allows the room to ‘breathe’ thanks to its natural construction.

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