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Lighten your Life


The brains neural patterns and mental health concerns are generally not at the top of the list when it comes to the reasons why we want to refurbish or extend our home, but perhaps they should be.

Light within our home and at our workplace can affect our health and wellbeing. Natural light has so many benefits, but it can be hard to get enough of it when you spend most of your day at work.

Artificial light decreases levels of melatonin, a hormone that is created in the brain by the pineal gland. Melatonin is critical for our bodies health due to its control over our sleep wake patterns.

So, the sanctuary of our homes should really be optimised to provide as much natural light as possible.

So how do we create more natural light?

In relatively recent years the traditional conservatory answered the call for natural light as a fully glassed room met the need very nicely, however for most homeowners, it is slowly becoming a reality that traditional white uPVC conservatories simply do not cut it anymore, often looking old fashioned, tired or even out of place.

Also, let us be honest in most cases a conservatory is a window and door product with a roof plonked on top.  Overheating in the summer. Way too cold in the winter. Deafening when it rains. Mouldy polycarbonate roof sheets. Leaks. All problems which stop people using conservatories for exactly why they bought them.

Fortunately, hope and help is at hand when it comes to increasing natural light, optimising space and bringing the outside in.

Roof windows, or roof lights as they are also known, can provide the perfect solution for bringing more light into a space. Whether installed into a new extension or a converted loft, roof windows can offer up to 40 per cent more natural light in than traditional windows.

When combined with bifold doors rooflights create the natural light of a conservatory, but in the guise of a genuine extra room not a glass structure plonked on the end of the house.

It could be argued that budget wise a conservatory is a cheaper option, but contemporary build methods, innovative products and lower maintenance costs have closed that gap considerably.

Also, recent changes to the legislation on permitted development rights mean that single story extensions create scope for larger extensions at a lower overall cost as the planning process is simplified.

Extending has the added benefit of integrating light and space further into the home offering the chance to create a fully open plan, modern living environment that enhances family life and optimises energy efficiency.    

In summary:

  • Natural light enhances our health and general wellbeing
  • Glass room conservatories are not fit for purpose and are inflexible
  • Extending is now more cost effective and is the answer to a healthier lifestyle.

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