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A home extension without planning permission



A growing family and a desire for more space normally leaves homeowners with two options:

  1. Move to a larger property.
  2. Extend their current property.

Both options have pluses and minuses and depend on a range of circumstances.  However, extending has suddenly become more attractive as homeowners in England have been given the green light to build larger extensions without planning permission.

New development rights for extensions can allow you to transform your home by extending under permitted development regulations – in other words, without planning consent from the local authority.  

What were temporary rules, which allowed bigger single-storey rear extensions without a full planning application, are being made permanent.

Additions to terraced and semi-detached homes can be up to 6m, while detached houses will be able to add even larger structures, up to 8m long.

Since 2013, 110,000 people have taken advantage of the temporary rules, which doubled the previous limits of extensions that didn’t require planning permission from the local authority.

The rules have now been made permanent.

Instead of waiting possibly months for approval, homeowners notify the council of the building work beforehand, and council officials inform the neighbours.

Note:  In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, rear extensions more than 3m or 4m long will continue to require a full planning application, which places the design and impact of the building under more scrutiny.

Bear in mind too that:

  • The extension must be built in accordance with the approved details, and use materials of a similar appearance to the rest of the house (confirm this with your local authority). This does not apply to conservatories
  • The roof pitch of the extension must mimic that of the original house.
  • All extensions and outbuildings must not cover more than 50 per cent of the original garden area
  • Any additions to your property since 1948 count towards your permitted development allocation, so it is important to do your research first. 

The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government has has also removed other planning rules to allow business owners to respond to changes in England’s high streets.

This means shops can be converted into office space without a full planning application being made.

How can Keystone help?

Now, unless you are very familiar with UK planning policy, the ins and outs of this scheme can feel a little daunting.

That is why it pays to have experts by your side. Our team can not only assess whether or not your home is suitable for permitted development, we will help with your planning application.

Want to learn more? Book a free consultation today. Our experts are always on hand to offer free home advice, covering everything from design ideas to any questions you might have about the home extension scheme.



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