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About Us

Delivering construction projects in Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We are fuelled by the desire to help people design and build their dream home.

Keystone have been designing and building for over 10 years. Our aim has always been to challenge the stereotyped perception of general building contractors.

We do this through skilled management of projects, inspiring ideas, cutting edge thinking and developing collaborative relationships with customers and suppliers.

We have built a diverse team with complementary skills whose shared passion is to design and build living environments that maximise light and space.

Who We Are

Beau Templeman and Andy Burberry founded Keystone a decade ago fueled by a desire to make a difference to the way people live, love and enjoy their home environments.

In a world where technology and trends move fast they are committed to continually pushing the boundaries of what’s new and exciting in the world of home improvement and, with an increasing demand for home renovations that enhance light and space, Andy and Beau have grown a reputation for insightful industry knowledge.

They take a personal, hands on approach to every project they undertake, ensuring communication is clear, challenges are met and the end result makes the dream an inspiring reality.

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Our Core Values

Our values come from placing ourselves in the customers shoes. A building project is a big emotional commitment. It means financial investment, upheaval and is potentially stressful. We recognise these things and commit to doing all way can to make the journey as smooth as possible.

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    We strive to fully understand our customers needs and respond by delivering the outcome they want.

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    We are excited and passionate about the work that we do. We love the building process and we love our customers to be inspired by the results we deliver.

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    We recognise that every customer wants to understand the exact value that they are being provided. They want to understand a quantifiable difference as they compare their options. We endeavour to create value in everything we do.

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    We care deeply about social responsibility. Endeavouring to ethically source our products and materials, supporting local causes and charitable organisations. Construction impacts the community and the planet. We commit to looking for ways to preserve and enrich both.


For over 10 years we have been inspired by the vast array of possibilities that are open to us when we seek to change our living environment. We work with a passion for using light and space to enrich peoples lives.

Why Choose Keystone?

We aim to take away the the pain when it comes to working with a building company. Making a quantifiable difference to our customers lives is what drives us. Difference comes form our positive intent to provide inspirational ideas and exceptional results.

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Value Creation

Since value is the foundation of our relationship our policy from the outset is to agree specific success criteria that we will work on together.

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Honesty and Integrity

The basis for initial contact between us and you, the customer, is an authentic open discussion about your needs, your ideas and your vision.

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Goal Directed

By working together to establish specific measurable goals we aim to set the tone for a transparent high trust relationship.

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Organic Process

Value creation is an ongoing process throughout the course of all projects we undertake. A build is never a straight line from A to B, each step brings the potential for new ideas and added value.

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